Clinical Trials Services

  • Panacea holds an established approach to
    supporting companies, helping to effectively
    contribute new and improved products to the
    market in the most efficient manner, and with
    as little resources as allowable. Through offering
    our range of Clinical Trials Services, Panacea
    ensure all streamlined clinical trials meet the
    regulatory and ethical requirements.

  • The range of Clinical Trials Services offered include:
    • Review of clinical trial pharmacovigilance SOPs
    • Review of the pharmacovigilance aspects of the
      protocol and Investigator’s Brochure (IB)
    • Set up of agreements for safety data exchange.
    • SAE and SUSAR processing
    • Expedited reporting of SUSARs to Regulatory
      Authorities and ethics committees
    • SAE reconciliation
    • DSUR/annual safety report preparation or input

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