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During these unprecedented times, all of us at Panacea have been working hard to ensure both the safety of our staff and that our business can carry on, almost, as usual.

Panacea is in the fortunate position of having a number of permanent staff members already working remotely using our cloud-based desktop environment. This existing infrastructure has allowed us to seamlessly transition the rest of our workforce, usually office-based, onto a tried and tested digital working platform, meaning that we have been able to maintain work consistency, client contact, and staff and client meetings, by leveraging a variety of modern communication applications.

Although our productivity is obviously of huge importance, at Panacea our team’s mental and physical health takes priority. To ensure that we are all staying well during these times, daily team video calls are proving essential. Occasionally, there will be a guest appearance from a pet cat or dog – which always lightens the mood!

We are fortunate to be in an industry which will likely weather this storm and one in which we are able to maintain our daily routine with ‘normal working hours’. However, a pragmatic approach has been taken when it comes to home working, to allow for different circumstances, such as looking after young children or home schooling.

Another aspect of the pandemic which is of relevance to Panacea, and our clients, is the abundance of information currently being circulated with regard to COVID-19 and its impact on medications, whether this is potential interactions or supply shortages. It is of vital importance that the safety of drugs is maintained during a world-wide health crisis. New data is emerging on a daily basis and the pharmaceutical industry needs to be able to react quickly, but with a measured approach, so that people can feel assured that the medication they take to treat any symptoms will be of the usual standard and available when required. It is equally important that the public can be confident that any new medications or vaccines manufactured in response to the crisis will be as safe and rigorously tested as at any other time. Panacea are proactively monitoring the ever-changing situation to ensure we can react in the best interest of clients, staff and patients.

Finally, Panacea hope that all our clients, family and friends stay safe and well during these challenging times.

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