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The Panacea team has been collecting money each week throughout the year for four charities.

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Manx Hedgehog Conservation Society

The Panacea team were very excited to meet Sandy and Sammy (the hedgehog) from the Manx Hedgehog Conservation Society to collect their charity cheque.








We had the pleasure of having Thelma and Kerry from Relate – the relationship people in to collect their charity cheque.







Crossroads Care

Thank you to Karen Harris from Crossroads Care Isle of Man, who came down to the Pancea office to collect their charity cheque









John Hall from CIRCA Volunteering Agency Isle of Man. CIRCA provide invaluable services in their assistance to Manx Charities as the central volunteering agency for the island. In addition, they provide support to the general public with regard to health and welfare matters, for example providing help to individuals with mobility problems, allowing them to regain independence.





Thank you

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