Vision, Mission, & Values


Our vision is to be the first and natural choice for clients seeking services in our industry. We aim to be a company whose reputation for excellence and integrity is unrivalled; a company that clients want to work with, and the best people in our industry want to work for. A company which regulators and our peers respect.


Our Mission is to provide the best possible pharmacovigilance and related services. Individually, everyone at Panacea takes personal responsibility for providing the highest quality of work. Collectively, we offer a responsive, cost effective, and professional service; one which safeguards our clients’ reputation and investment.


Our values are simply stated . . .
We . . .

  • Work to the highest professional standards
  • Communicate in plain language
  • Value each client’s reputation and business highly
  • Understand the fundamental commercial realities which drive each client’s business
  • Seek to promote Panacea as a leading player in our industry, one which sets the standard for others to follow
  • Recognise the importance of our own profitability in making the company viable and sustainable over the longer term; in ensuring a high level of service to clients, and in providing good career prospects for staff
  • Cherish integrity, honesty, and fairness
  • Embrace transparency in all our dealings with clients, regulators, and others
  • Treat clients, staff, and others with respect – always.